It has been an honor serving you these last several years on the South Jordan City Council. I am running for re-election because South Jordan needs someone with experience and relationships with the current council, mayor, staff, and elected officials in the legislature to help advocate and implement your needs in District 3.

South Jordan is headed in a positive direction. My focus will be on public safety, our growing infrastructure needs, and maintaining our quality of life. We have some major challenges going forward and I know, with your input and involvement, we will continue to make South Jordan the best city to live, work, and play.

My Priorities

Public Safety

Public safety is one of my top concerns. As places like Daybreak continues to grow, petty theft and other crimes remain a concern. I have advocated and will continue to advocate for more police officers, firefighters, and first responders to address these growing concerns. I supported the funding of Station 64 in Daybreak, which will provide for quicker emergency services to the Westside of our City.


In the last several years, I have worked hard to make sure our infrastructure needs exceed your expectations. I helped negotiate the underpass on Bangerter Highway at 114th south and 104th south. This is a huge accomplishment for The City of South Jordan, since we are the only City to negotiate two underpasses on Bangerter.

I have also worked to make sure our east-to-west connectivity allows for better traffic flows during peak times. We helped this by extending South Jordan Parkway to Mountain View Corridor and extending Lake Avenue further West. I will continue to make sure that the city finds ways to addresses our growing infrastructure needs.

Quality of Life

South Jordan City is continually ranked as one of the Best Cities to live, work, and play. I am a big advocate for smart growth and greater recreational amenities across South Jordan. I successfully helped save Glenmoor and Mulligans Golf Courses from being developed. I also supported and advocated for the buildout of Bingham Creek Park, which will be open to the public in the Spring of 2023. I will continue to advocate for more parks, pickleball courts, bike and running trails, golf courses, etc., that add to the beauty and livability of our great city.